Saturday, July 14, 2012

a whole new world

NO matter what was said to us, i do not believe we could've ever been fully prepared for what cornerstone was.  at times, i felt like i was entering a refugee camp.  other times i felt like i was back in the 60's at woodstock.  the rest of the time had hints of portland & eugene.  add that crucial element of christianity and you're on the right track. 
NOT only did were porter-potties a great way to advertise your band, but they also served as an adrenaline rush…a select few of them wobbled, leaving you worrying if you would make it out alive.  also, we didn't have to visit these porter-potties as often as expected.  why?  oh, well because, we would sweat out EVERY ounce of liquid we were drinking.  and we sure kept a steady pace of 2 bottles of water/hour.  

CORNERSTONE attracted quite the crowd.  tattoos, dreads, sweat, and a lack of hygiene seemed to be a requirement.  musicians stroll around the festival, advertising their upcoming shows, with handwritten cardboard invitations stringed around their necks.  random concerts show up on the side of the road out of nowhere, tarps double as roofs and floor cover,  people set up their campsite, literally, ANYWHERE.  dust is EVERYWHERE; on the ground, floating in the air, on your skin, imbedded in your clothes. 
MORNING worship on this stage was probably the most normal part about the entire festival.  we just about died when we found out they had croissants with NUTELLA!!
AFTER these long hot days at the festival, all we wanted was a shower and air conditioning to go home to.  however, that was not an actual option.  we had a hot and damp tent to go home to.  how about THAT for comfort??  cate and i made the best of it.  we made friends with a gas station who shared their microwave with us.  we would pop our popcorn and head home.  since we aren't expert campers, we never made a campfire.  instead, we would sit back in the light of our headlights and devour our popcorn.  reflecting upon the day, we formed a , "wow, what a day," "i feel disGUSting."  "i can't wait for coffee tomorrow morning."  

ON the plus side...
 WE met and formed relationships with countless people.  Ride Nature ( is a nonprofit action sports missions organization dedicated to young kids and their passion for surfing and skating.  not only do they strive to share the love of Jesus Christ, but to help kids EVERYWHERE experience the thrill of action sports.  with every board they sold, another was given to a child in poverty.   they've traveled all over the country and built skate parks everywhere.  lane (lancifer is his stage name), tyler, christian, shannon, and mark.  as girls do, we got to talking with shannon.  cate and i both found out that we absolutely adore her.  we couldn't get enough of this girl!  we celebrated america as a diverse group, made up of an oregonian, a montanan,  a texan, an australian, an arizonian, and a californian.  

OVERALL, this experience at cornerstone was overwhelming, frustrating, humbling, hot & sweaty, hilarious, humorous, tiring...

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