Monday, July 23, 2012

osh kosh & neenah wisconsin

 IT was way cool…literally.  we were blessed with air conditioning during this festival.  we had our vendor friends with us, and gained a new friendship with a sixth grader.  his name was Justice.  his dad was our camping neighbor during the Alive Festival in Ohio.  he was, no doubt, THE most adorable and charming and least obnoxious little boy i've met.  we ended our festival with an INTENSE rubber band bracelet war.  if we were to be keeping score over the course of this 20 minute battle, i'd say cate ended with 40 successful hits, Justice got maybe 30, and me?  i ended with 5…at most.  i'm a lover, not a fighter.  and i had the welts and red marks to prove it.  the war would've lasted longer, if it weren't for the security.  so strict.

WE also met an angel, in the form of a guy named Nick.  he fell in love with MyFight at the Lifest festival last year, and wanted to offer his help for THIS year!  he ended up writing a paper on the workings and logistics of MyFight…as a result, he knew more about our organization than WE did.  his family was adorable.  his mom, Penny, was quite the lady.  she brought us sandwiches, chinese food, and bought us hand made MITTENS!  Nick was also able to give us a place to stay at a Catholic Retreat Center!  i'm not gonna lie, i was terrified in this place.  we arrived late at night, lights out, not a person in sight.  i've said it before about previously places we've stayed, but it DEFINITELY reminded me of a set for a horror film.  during the day time, it was a humorous building.  it went from horror film to boarding school.  old tile floored bathrooms and hard wood bunk rooms, each with it's own child-like theme.  
this catholic church was BEAUTIFUL.
THE town of Neenah was one of the cutest we had seen.  very small of course, filled with cobblestone streets, mansions straight out of The Notebook, boutiques and antique shops, and… bars!  we were informed by the bartenders and people of Neenah that Wisconsin is KNOWN and FEARED for their drinking abilities.  we got to see that first hand.  we even started selling MyFight t-shirts to the bartenders!  we quickly learned that the people in Wisconsin were sweeter and friendlier than most.  

THESE two girls, Sam and Michelle, were such blessings.  the four of us had been traveling in parallel routes, going from Alive to Cornerstone and then to Lifest.  we first met them over a friendly chat and hair wrapping.  we came to find our shared love for people, conversation, and instagramming.  

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