Monday, July 23, 2012

hister-ville part I.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 
 THIS is dane.  i think we can BOTH say we fell in love with him right away.  he was a charming 30 year  old with a heck of a a Minnesotan accent.  he pulled up in his fancy BMW and showed us to his swanky, concrete floored 'flat' in a beautiful city condominium complex.  his surfboard, longboard, and rock climbing equipment were sporadically filling space along with his ikea-like decor and furniture.  we unpacked our body-sized bags in his living room and explored the town!                                                                                first stop?  food and drinks.  dane treated us to gummi bear shochu sours, sake bombs, and a large assortment of sushi and skewers.  we ate our very first quail eggs.  it was a proud moment for me.
also, we learned that dane is temporarily quitting his job, selling his condo, and traveling around the world for a year.  what a dream boat!
alright, now it was time to sing.  dane took us to Nye's Polonaise Room, which BTW was named "Best Bar in America."  apparently it's a bar commonly visited by Prince!  it came complete with 70's style decor and a piano bar.  dane got the karaoke ball rolling by singing a classic frank sinatra, while cate and i chose L-O-V-E.  then, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to our new favorite couch surfer.  of course the entire bar joined in.  he turned the big 3-1 and we got to celebrate with him!  it was quite the party.

being from the northwest, we feel a natural pull towards fine coffee.  we would frequent the local third wave coffee shops, and get spoiled with breakfasts of heavenly espresso and scrumptious pastries.  we couldn't get over HOW much minneapolis reminded us of portland.  the streets were lined with vintage shops, second hand stores, coffee shop after coffee shop, fair trade, organic, all natural, bike riders, high waisted pants and shorts, fedoras, la de la…WE LOVED IT!
while driving the freeway towards minneapolis, our eyes were taken aback by the enormous and beautiful cathedrals!  we HAD to get inside.  there was a calm and peace about these cathedrals.
we were living the good life with dane.  unlimited air conditioning, a workout room, cable, comfort.  it was great.  on to the next couch surfer! 

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