Monday, July 2, 2012

PIT stop

Pittsburgh, PA
THE city of pittsburgh was a beautiful break from the rural and rustic life we had been living.  rather than trees to raise our heads to, it gave us buildings and sky scrapers.  we were in a place where the people actually outnumbered the animals.  i couldn't get over the number of business men; lookin' SO good with their suits, ray-bans, and shoulder bags.   we originally went looking for lunch with a hint of pittsburgh flare.  we ended up at chipotle.  go figure.

i got us lost on purpose.  
this bridge was "legitimately terrifying." apparently the 'no trespassing' sign was put there for a reason.  the wind exponentially grew stronger the further we walked, the wooden planks made noises that made us less than uncomfortable, and the distance between us and the river was greater than one would hope.  needless to say, cate got the shot.

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