Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Chicago, we hope to see you again real soon.

CATHY is a legend.  we first heard of this amazing woman through a band we met at creation.  they RAVED about her wit and love for spoiling her guests.  then cate was casually chatting with another vendor about our coincidental matching trips to chicago coming up.  without a concrete place for us to stay, cate curiously asked where matt and his band were staying.  "cathy!"  NO WAY!  they quickly exchanged numbers, and within a few hours we were warmly invited into cathy's home.  we were stoked to meet this woman!
OUR first night was interesting.  yelp reviews used the phrase "house party" to describe a bar & lounge.  we took this literally.  we saw what we thought was the bar.  LOOKED like a house, LOOKED like a party.  yup, definitely it.  so we made our way through the large hipster crowd that mingled out the door and onto the sidewalk,  and headed up the stoop steps.  as i peaked inside, i realized that no, this was not a bar.  it was someones home.  i turn to inform cate of this embarrassing mistake we had made, but she had already escaped, and i was left looking like a lost child.

THE second night was a slumber party.  we matched cathy's previous record with 13 guests in her home that night.  two bands (the lost colors & lauren mann and the fairly odd folk) and two roadies (me and cate). its hard saying goodnight to 13 people.

it's amazing how many people became fascinated with their reflections.  talk about being vain!

 chicago quickly became one of our favorite cities that we had visited together.  the view from the 95th floor of the John Hancock building was leaving us breathless.  it put Portland City Grill to shame.  surprisingly enough, the ladies bathroom had the best view hands down!  we enjoyed plurge-worthy beverages and split some decadent chocolate mousse raspberry something or other.  


CLEARLY, we were having too much fun on the pier, because we quickly realized our train leaves the city in 40 minutes.  panic set in.  we had two miles to get there, on foot.  we ran. and ran some more.  THEN, for funzies, we decided to pick the route that took us through construction.  we arrived at the train station, sweating profusely, with minutes to spare.  it was actually the best workout we had in a while.
IN conclusion, we spent way too much time searching for a hot dog vendor, not enough time sitting, were inspired uniquely by each individual we met in that house, we realized we want and NEED to live a life Cathy, found out that the name Zultan will forever be our favorite name,  devoured the best chicago style pizza from the best place in town, visited our first ever ice-cream & COOKIE DOUGH shop, i received my third iphone in 6 months, and had a possible life changing conversation with a stranger on a train.  

hope to see you soon chicago.
sara and cate

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