Sunday, July 29, 2012


this picture totally and completely summarizes and epitomizes the last two months.  cate is taller than me, more serious than me, smarter than me, and has a better sense of direction than me.  i, on the other hand, am short, all over the place, ask too many questions, and (lets be honest) would get lost in a walk in closet.  cate is the strong and fierce leader, and i'm her handy dandy sidekick.  
without cate, the trip would not have been the same.  if it weren't for her, the past two months would probably have been a disaster.
i would've driven off without the gas i had already paid for.  i'd cry every time i heard the word "camping."  i'd continue driving down the freeway with a chunk of the car dragging below us after running over a stupid blown out tire. i would've never found out the answers to the hundreds of random and useless questions i had (i actually STILL don't know the name of the plant that looks like a cat tail). i wouldn't have been able to embrace my silly.  who would've introduced me to the weird and quirky and beautiful music that i found out i love?  i wouldn't have people in wisconsin taking bets on whether or not cate and i we were sisters…apparently we both have little feet, which DEFINITELY means we're sisters??   i wouldn't have anyone else to SCARF down bags of popcorn for dinner…its not a pretty sight. who would tickle my arm whenever i'm sad?  she always made the bad times good.  i'd literally have no where to sleep…ever.  my extended family wouldve stayed the same size.  i wouldn't have taken my very first outdoor shower with a hose.  i wouldn't have been able to reach things up high or lift a heavy item by myself. i never would've discovered that i lift my right elbow so that it's parallel to the floor while drinking any sort of beverage.  i would've had no one to play the I.O.U game with.  who would i sleep in a bunk bed with, even when there are 20 other beds to choose from?  who else would let me listen to country music, even when they have a hateful passion for it?  who would i plan and dream life adventures and plans with?  who knows if anyone else would have told me i have cream cheese on my face EACH time i ate a bagel.  i wouldn't have a best friend to be wizards with.  shenanigans just wouldn't have been the same.  in summary, without cate, i would've died.
she has my heart forever

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