Sunday, July 8, 2012

couch surfing & third wave coffee

 Cincinnati, OH
WHILE cate has had too many to count, this was my first experience with couch surfing!  we were spoiled.  ryan was such a treat.  we had our own room with our OWN beds.  our bathroom was a beauty.  we spent the next morning with the house to ourselves.  we watched a.m. morning shows...something that was becoming very foreign to us.  we then ventured to the 'northwest 23rd' of cincinnati and had coffee and breakfast and made drained as much of their wi-fi as we could.  a search for a bank of america turned into a pleasant conversation with a former flight attendant (his name was either Clye or Clyde, we couldn't quite tell), two dangerously hot walks across two different bridges in search of the kentucky/ohio state lines that we never did find, and a special accompanied top secret entrance into this little gem…
cate had her doubts, but we made it happen.  how can you say 'no' to our baby blues?  thanks dennis...  for not forcing us to sneak our way in and risking a possible police encounter/arrest for trespassing. 

our last day in Cincinnati began with coffee, duh.  we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us.  corner bloc coffee was a heck of a find.  cate, of course, talked it up with the third wave coffee shop barista.  we forgot what perfection tasted like, as we had been sipping on my starbucks french presses the past few weeks.  

little did we know, we were in for a real treat.  cornerstone, here we come.  

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