Tuesday, July 3, 2012

our sweet little hunting bunk house/trailer
bubbling brooks, Shade Gap, PA
WE called this home for 6 days.  once we arrived in the middle of nowhere (also referred to as Shade Gap), we made the trek to Bubbling Brooks, avoiding the occasional deer and frogs crossing the road.  we drive up the gravel road and there it was; we laughed with apprehension and pure astonishment.  walking in was a memorable moment.  it looked as if the area had been evacuated and the hunters left the camp in disarray.  it came complete with dead bugs on the floor, deer heads and antlers on the wall, possibly clean dishes on the counters, and Lord-knows-who-last-used-them sleeping bags on the beds.  socks were necessary at all times.  couches were not allowed to be sat on.  don't touch anything unless you really had to. forget about cell phone service and wi-fi.  this was home.      
OF course we had to normalize our living situation as much as possible.  we looked forward to our morning french press coffee and toast with shoo shoo's pear preserves.  literally, it came up in conversation every night before bed.  we held dance parties in our kitchen.  we had guests!  roger and jesse called this place home for a few days as well.  we crammed into cate's tiny twin sized bed (avoided touching the walls) and enjoyed movies and popcorn.  

ALL jokes aside, cate and i were SO incredibly thankful for this roof over our heads.  we immediately become close with the YWAMers at the last festival.  when we found out that we would all be traveling pretty much parallel with each other this summer, we were stoked.  camping at the festivals is not something we seek out or look forward to, but we DO call it our 'plan B.'  bethany, the angel that she is, offered us dad's hunting cabin!  again, we were stoked!  she not only gave us a roof, but silence and a refuge from the endless energy-sucking days at the festivals.  she gave us our very own beds, refrigerator, and BATHROOM! 

CATE named him moses.  he would periodically grace us with his gentle and fearful presence in the morning and night.  to be honest, we seriously and honestly considered taking him with us on the road.  

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