Sunday, July 29, 2012

homeless in south dakota

i don't think cate could've asked for a BETTER birthday!  <-----sensing the sarcasm??  but we certainly made the best of it.  we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us.  

obviously, we got hungry on the road.  and south dakota is not accommodating to hunger pains.  we found relief in a small town with a grocery store.  we indulged in lunchable mini pizzas, lean cuisine stir-fry, and a frozen pasta dish.  we sat in a cozy cafeteria-like sitting area and microwaves our meals.  they hit the spot.

 the stumberg boys are three of my favorite boys in the whole entire world!  they just so happen to be on a road trip at the exact same time as us…and we just so happen to be driving on the same exact interstate, heading right for each other.  they were headed east, while we were headed west.  we found Al's oasis to be a very nice meeting place.  we sat and celebrated cate with a slice of chocolate pie and $.5 coffees followed by a classic photo shoot.

we continued on our trek and were welcomed with THUNDER AND LIGHTENING STORMS!  our favorite!  they took our breath away, literally…it was very windy.  

our first evening in south dakota was spent at probably the cheapest and ONLY available hotel.  the owner was too kind, informing us we better hurry up since he needed to get his sleep that night.  he also smelled like the worst kind of body odor and cigarettes imaginable.  

our second night in south dakota was spent at Suzie's Cabins.  cate spotted them off the freeway.  her property was covered with tiny storage unit-like boxes with metal floors and a variety of sleeping arrangements.  we, of course, opted for sharing the full size bed.  the bunk bed was a little bit sketchy.

south dakota was certainly home to THE best bagel shop EVER.  literally, my mouth waters just thinking about it. the bagels ranged from white chocolate chip to chocolate peanut butter to sundried tomato basil.  the cream cheese options were even BETTER…chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, pesto, veggie herb….

and seriously, the freeways are inhibited ONLY by billboards. big ones that are actually more of a distraction than a help.

we celebrated our LAST festival by treating ourselves to Wendy's.  we laid on the charm, and the Wendy's server ended up giving us a free strawberry shortcake sundae, as well as milkshake upgrades.  we know just how to work it.

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