Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hipster-ville part II

AS we drove to our next couch surfers' home, we couldn't help but notice the large amount of frat houses, sororities, and all of the hipster students to go along with them.  we made our way through the greek neighborhood and found it:  the "dad pad."  it was home to 7 guys, all of which were amazing and unique and hilarious in their own ways.  chris, bus, chad, russell, duck, genya, and one other who we never had the pleasure of meeting.  even though these guys were amazingly accomodating, their house was NOT.  our first night was nothing short of torture, simply because we were extremely overheated.  i laid on the floor next to cate on the couch.  we woke up in a sweat and wined and moaned and complained about the heat. we found what we thought was an air conditioner.  it blew a fabulous cool air for about 5 minutes, and then turned hot.  of course, we found out it was actually a humidifier. in hindsight, it was a hilarious sight.  in the moment, we wanted to die.
BEING guests and girls, we wanted to cook a meal for the boys.  ideally, we wanted to indulge in homemade spaghetti or tacos or stir fry.  realistically, these boys may not have the proper tools for making such complex meals.  we opted for a Costco frozen lasagna and toasted [b]rosemary french bread with a few bottles of wine.  genius!  the boys set the mood by playing some classical music in the background.  family dinner at its best.  add a few games of catchphrase, conversation, and story time on the back porch and we had ourselves a good night!

 WE wanted breakfast, and we wanted it bad.  we found a 'staple' to dinkytown, so obviously we HAD to go.  Al's was this tiny little hole in the wall with tons of character!  the waitresses were witty and sassy, the food was deliciously simple, and the atmosphere was as cozy as it gets.  the cafe is long and narrow, so the people eating sit at the bar, while the people waiting for a seat stand DIRECTLY behind the, having to patiently await their turn.  its a beautiful rotation.  over the course of this trip, we hit the jackpot with cheap food.  an entire meal for under 5 bucks?  yes please!  

TO end our trip to minneapolis with a bang, the boys took us out to dinkytown. we made the mile trek, passing house parties and sillies along the way.  cate and i lived the college life that we never got the "blessed" opportunity to live when we were ACTUALLY in college.  a couple bars, a little bit of dancing, a sidewalk concert, a bunch of pizza slices, and a couple hours of sleep later...we were on the road again.  

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