Thursday, June 7, 2012

we choose mud


passing the time here in montana is easy. there's always someone to chat with, somewhere to walk to, something to photograph, food to eat, a book to get lost in, a couch to take a nap on, ect…

naturally, cate and i chose mud.


cate takes pictures, and beautiful ones at that. when it came time for MY turn to star in one, we were stoked!  and knowing me and cate, the picture had to reflect us and our personalities. what did we decide to do?  revert back to our childhood ways and jump in mud puddles.

we ventured out to the field (which is actually her front yard) and watered the dirt; making the best mud we could possibly create.  i had no choice but to embrace this moment!  after jumping and stomping a total of maybe 40 times, we were done.  and good thing!  i'm not sure my jeans or cate's slippers could've absorbed another ounce of mud.

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