Friday, June 8, 2012

missouri river

WE SHARED OUR THURSDAY WITH THE MISSOURI RIVER. . . AND techno music, "we have to blow it up in sections!", one-size-fits-all life jackets, a friendly game of 'hide the raft', huckleberry ice cream, tailgate dance parties, tanning oil, adventuring through an abandoned railroad tunnel, cliff jumping, car hopping, song singing, memory sharing, memory making, near fatal disasters with sticks and smalls trees, story-time, nap-time, lunch-time, princess sweet petunia, a close encounter with a fly fisherman (he actually occupied our boat), bald eagle sightings, pelican watching, blue skies that never seem to end, rock skipping, rock throwing (with a small child named Mackenzie whose pants were too big for her body).

long story short, it was loveliness.

this is us

same size life jackets, different size bodies     we're gonna keep each other forever
[beau cate BG joshy sara colin benjamin]

work it 

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