Friday, June 22, 2012

from missouri to tennessee

gateway arch.  st. louis, MO

cate and i attempt to have a sense of time, but we seem to fail left and right.  so when we decided to make the trek from omaha, NE to Lake Martin, AL in one day…we should've known that was attempting the impossible.  we needed a place to stay.  who do we know in nashville?  nada.  cricket, cricket.  we facebook for help, we text for assistance, we call for ideas.  hours later, cate realizes, "wait, my COUSIN lives in nashville!"  obviously, we ended up staying with him.   

we we arrived in nashville, TN at 10:30 wednesday evening.  ryan and his fiance, veronica,  are a riot to say the least.  so incredibly sweet, genuine, and slightly cray cray.  PERFECT!  we took the fastest showers of our lives and hit the streets of nashville.  what a different world.  the smell of waffle cones and ice cream flooded the streets.  countless country bands performing literally side by side by side.  needless to say, i was in my element. needless to say, cate was not.  and needless to say, we both found a way enjoy our night in nashville.

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