Friday, June 22, 2012

sweet [temporary] home alabama

lake martin, AL
ALABAMA provided us temporary relief and gave us a sense of normalcy (in the most extravagant way possible).  cate's grandparents, shoo shoo and pop, are the most lovely of grandparents.  they actually adopted me which was pretty neat, and even attempted to make me an official Stumberg by listing and describing the eligible bachelors of the family.  the freshly brewed coffee every morning didn't just make itself, and the fridge didn't stock itself with countless cans of soda and yoo-hoos, and story time/words of encouragement/vocabulary lessons don't create themselves…we owe them to shoo shoo.  pop was our entertainment for much of our stay.  his jokes came out of nowhere, catching us off guard.  his wit is clever and random.  his smile and laugh is contagious.  we couldn't help but laugh.  

memories were made in alabama.  splinters on the bottom of our feet that may or may not ever come out, tan lines, heat rashes, endless supply of vitamin D, the night of reese's peanut butter cups, thunder and lightening, banana pudding, fried chicken, dwayne beau, sweet tea EVERYWHERE, fireflies, screen doors, porch naps, the cosby show, jams/jellies made from every berry/fruit in existence, "boo thang," the eerily frequent sightings of 11:11 & 1:11, frog catching, turtle catching, firefly catching, countless instagram moments.

shoo shoo

poppity pop
AND we're on the road again.  

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