Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jesse Caleb Tyler and Ben

Billings, Montana

I was blown away by the guys on 13th street in Billings, Montana.  This community of men includes [but is not limited to] the four listed above.  It’s a community fueled by acceptance, support, accountability, and LOVE.  These guys effortlessly found a balance of boyish fun and gentlemen kindness that I couldn’t help but fall in love with.  They were constantly offering a hand at the door, a laugh (either genuine or a supportive pity one), a bite of food when they saw that look in our eyes, or musical entertainment. What a pleasant surprise it was to feel at home in a place that is SO far from home. The boys in Montana will forever be engrained in my heart. 

I met them with a handshake, and left them with a ‘this-is-not-goodbye-its-a-see-you-later’ hug.

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