Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nate, Beth, Cory, Toby, Madi Sue, Boe

Omaha, NE

Kindness and hospitality should never go overlooked or unnoticed.   It’s the ultimate act of love!  Unfortunately, can be quite hard to find.  LUCKILY, it’s infectious and contagious and grows exponentially. 
Nate, a cyclist from Omaha, Nebraska, was touring the west coast and stumbled into a Starbucks in Helena, Montana.  There, he met Lynn Stumberg.  Lynn, in her usual fashion, opened her home to Nate!  He shared in their family dinner, had a bed to sleep in, and … When it came time for me and Cate to plan OUR adventure, we knew we needed a halfway point to stay for the night.  Omaha, Nebraska?  Sure!  Nate and his family were thrilled to return the favor. 
We arrived in the sleeping town at 1:30am, and were welcomed by three beautiful smiling faces and three eager dogs.  We awoke to a wonderful breakfast of eggs (scrambled for me, over-easy for Cate), the most amazing homemade French toast, and crispy potatoes; with an added bonus of conversation with our new friends.  

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