Sunday, June 10, 2012

WE arrived in billings at approximately 6pm (give or take an hour) on friday night.  jesse took us out for probably the second best nachos i've EVER had.  little did cate and i know, he was buttering us up for the night/morning that awaited us.   jesse gets to drilling and glueing and sawing, while cate and i fold laundry in the form of MyFight t-shirts.  i was quickly schooled in the art of MyFight t-shirt rolling. after two failed attempts, i finally learned the jesse's perfect and precise technique that would inevitably be consuming our next 5 waking hours doing; we have the battle wounds and dry hands to prove it.  1am rolls around and its bedtime.  5am rolls around and its get-your-butts-out-of-bed-and-get-to-rolling-more-tshirts time.  

TIME for more buttering up.  we made a pit-stop at HANDS-DOWN the most ADORABLE and KIND bakery/coffee shop (cate agrees) we have ever stepped foot in.  naming her shop after her children, Joni is the epitome of what i have aways wanted to be.  NBD, we had baked oatmeal and it was a party in our mouths.    

OUR first event was at the Strawberry Festival in Billings, MT.  not only are we selling the classic MyFight t-shirts, but Sseko sandals as well!  these eye catching shoes are hand made by women in Uganda with a dream to attend and graduate college.  each pair of sandals has a story and purpose.  they can be stringed an endless number of ways with beautiful interchangable fabric straps. empowerment and college tuition is the end result.  AND the profit WE make from selling them goes directly into funding MORE women in Honduras.  

typical us
the start of our rubber band ball!  with every t-shirt sold, the ball
gets bigger.  we expect to require a second
vehicle to lug this thang around :D

"We had a blast at our first event, smiles were never in short supply. I feel absolutely blessed that I am allowed the opportunity to embark on this adventure, the end goal being a beautiful experience that will better not only my life, but the lives of women worlds away from me. As I walk this road I have to remind myself of the women who walk much longer distances than me and of the feet stronger than my own. I often reflect on the reason I am here, the purpose of my journey and the impact which I may never see or understand." -Cate  

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  1. These sandals are amazing. I want a pair! Love reading about your adventure. You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I think this whole thing is awesome.